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The purpose of hearing and vision screening is to identify children who may have a visual or hearing impairment. Vision and hearing impairments get in the way of a child’s ability to learn and often go unnoticed. It’s important to be pro-active, because without a screening test, a problem may not be found until a child develops significant educational or medical problems. With screenings, a child’s previously unrecognized problems can now be identified and treated.

Our mission is to ensure that every student has every opportunity to learn.

Services we offer


Mobile Screening {we come to you!} serving Public, Charters, Preschools, and Co-ops!

Full Service:

With over 17 years of experience in schools we help return school nurses and secretaries to their primary role of better serving students while we administer and provide:

  • Full state mandated hearing (utilizing state recommended audiometer machine with current calibration) and state recommended vision screenings (including near and distance visual acuity, stereopsis and color deficiency) by state certified screeners with current IVP fingerprint clearance cards utilizing state recommend audiometer with current calibration

  • All paperwork and refer letters sent to parents

  • Electronic rostered results for your school records

  • Calculated results in the state's reporting format for ease of your state reporting and assistance with completing the report (if needed)

  • Records kept on file with us as backup for 3 years and keep track of all prior hearing refers for state required annual rescreening

  • Rescreening for failed hearing screenings are done within 30-45 days of initial visit

Everyone on our staff has had prior work experience in schools, most as teachers. We understand how to work with your students, and although we do not replace a school nurse or record secretary, we are available to answer direct questions from parents/guardians without adding to teachers' already full plates!


Our services are also available for homeschool co-ops, and assisted/independent living facilities.

Assisted Service

Need an extra set of hands (eyes and equipment too)? Contract our fully certified screener with equipment to assist with your current screening system at an hourly rate.  For more information:


What others are saying

The people at AZ Vision & Hearing are flexible, accommodating, and helpful in supporting the vision and hearing screenings at our school. They are compassionate people who treat our children and staff with respect and dignity.
The results are sent within 24 hours. The AZ Vision & Hearing team assists us in making sure our state report is submitted accurately and on time. They are great people to work with.
— Evie Benavidez, Special Education Director Keystone Montessori
Our preschool recently offered speech/language and vision screenings to our four year old students through AZ Vision & Hearing. We found them to be very thorough in their assessment of the children who were screened, and in fact, identified an area of need in one child, which led to appropriate and successful early intervention. Our experience could not have been a more pleasant one. We so appreciated their prompt arrival and willingness to return to service absentees as well as administer follow-up screenings as necessary. We look forward to having them return again this school year.
— Kristin Van Dusen, 1st Grade Teacher
We have used AZ Vision & Hearing, LLC for several years now. This service has been well received by our parent community, and staff. Parents appreciate having it available at school, in a comfortable setting for their children and for prices less than most co-pays. We appreciate identifying and helping students that require glasses or additional medical treatment. Plus, having all our paperwork completed with the AZ Department of Health Services, and completed student files has made our life so much easier. Not to mention how wonderful AZ Vision & Hearing is with our parents, staff and most importantly our students. They really care and it shows.
— Trish Langenhuizen, Director La Casa de Cristo Christian Preschool
AZ Vision & Hearing has been wonderful to our YMCA. They are flexible with dates and times and even space. We moved them around the building and they always answered with, “It’s not a problem” and they meant it! They came back multiple times to rescreen students that needed extra attention or were absent. We are very pleased with their commitment to students.
— Peggy French, Bright Beginnings Middle School Administrator
I am impressed with how well the staff of AZ Vision & Hearing work with our preschool students. They understand kids and work hard to achieve a “true” screening result. We have had other vendors in the past that failed many students, simply because they had less childcare experience. I appreciate their efforts and more importantly, so do the parents.
— Ellyn Becker, Preschool Coordinator
They are pleasant, enthusiastic and personable. They have a natural rapport with children. They were very supportive and kept on schedule. The children loved both of them and the staff appreciated their knowledge and efficiency. We would very definitely use them again.
— Patricia Berry - Chandler/Gilbert Family YMCA Education Director

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